Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Submit a puzzle

This page allows you to create your own RouteWord puzzles and -- if you feel adventurous -- submit them for possible publication.

  1. Enter a word and press "Create a RouteWord." You get a new layout each time you press the button -- it's kind of hypnotizing.
  2. Complete the rest of the puzzle fields. The name and location are optional, and are used for attribution if I run your puzzle. The clue is highly suggested. The "hidden letters" field allows you to increase the difficulty of the puzzle by masking the letters you enter with question marks ('?').
  3. Press "Submit for consideration" button.
  4. View past solutions
This page requires java Applets!
By pressing "Submit for consideration," you acknowledge that your submission is not currently under the copyright of anyone other than yourself (e.g., it's not from last week's NY Times Crossword puzzle!). You also agree that the submission becomes the exclusive property of Andrew Odewahn without remuneration to you and that it may be copied, distributed, or displayed with or without attribution in electronic, print, or any other form.
You don't have to put in an actual "word" -- the Applet will show the relationships in any string you submit. Here are a few interesting examples. Also, send in your own cool "words" and I'll post them (max length is 100 characters).
3-D Hexagon

Enclosed Star
(submitted by Julia)

Klingon Bird of Prey
(anonymous suggestion)
6 pointed star
(submitted by Sherri)

Optimized 6 pointed star
(submitted by Jeremy)

(submitted by Susan)
(submitted by Jeremy, MA)

Spider Web
(submitted by Wiggy, MA)

Bow Tie
(submitted by Dan W., Ohio)

(submitted by Shade, N.E.)

4 Tbs Butter for 1 Crustacean!
(submitted by Julia)


At 5:58 PM, Anonymous said...

Andrew! Where are you? Why am I not receiving Routeword anymore - have you quit? Please let me know. Sincerely, ReeJanll


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